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Ester Lo Biundo

University of Reading


Ester Lo Biundo is an AHRC funded PhD student in History and has worked as a sessional lecturer at the University of Reading. She is researching the BBC’s radio broadcasts in Italy during the Anglo-American occupation of Italy (1943-45). She was previously supervised by the late Professor Christopher Duggan. She is now working under the supervision of Professors Philip Cooke and Matthew Worley. Part of this project has been carried out in the United States thanks to a funded fellowship at the Kluge Center of the Library of Congress (AHRC IPS).

Outside of university, Ester was awarded an archivist diploma (Archivio di Stato of Palermo, 2011) and collaborated as volunteer and intern with many cultural institutions including the Imperial War Museum, the Jewish Museum in Camden, the Museum of London Docklands and the Special Collection Services at the University of Reading


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