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Federico Mazzini

foto di Federico Mazzini

Dipartimento di Scienze Storiche, Geografiche e dell'Antichità - Università di Padova


Federico Mazzini is a cultural and digital historian that graduated at the University of Bologna in 2005. During his PhD at the University of Padova (2006-9) he researched the cultural history of World War One through popular writings , with a particular focus on the peasant experience of the trenches. His research was published as a monograph in 2013 ( Federico Mazzini , Cose de laltro mondo, Pisa , ETS )

Thanks to two fellowships in the University of Padova (2012-14/2015-17) he studied cultural history applied to the study of virtual communities and specialized in digital history . He is extremely active in the field of historical communication online , both theoretically and practically, working for some of the most important historical associations in Italy. Since 2017 he is a member of the Directive Board of the Società Italiana per lo Studio della Storia Contemporanea ( Sissco ) . His varied works are linked together by the interest in textual and rhetorical strategies as access points to cultural representations .

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