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22/11/2022 - 22/11/2022

Joseph J. Viscomi, "Departures: Rethinking the History of Mediterranean Migrations?"

Humanities Society, Wolfson College, Cambridge (zoom e in presenza)

Seminario di ricerca tenuto da Joseph John Viscomi (Birkbeck), martedì 22 novembre, ore 18:30 (ora italiana)

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This talk examines the history of migration from the perspective of departures. It asks what happens when we shift our analytical focus to explore continuity and change in relation to places left behind. How are continuities and connections navigated? How are separations and changes explained? How do each become part of larger constellations of membership and meaning in the history of migration? It explores these questions through two examples. First, the departure of Italian migrants from Egypt in the mid-twentieth century, during the waning of Mediterranean colonialism. Second, the (partially) emptied landscapes of southern Italy. Together, these stories challenge how we see migration history and convey a different sense of historical process.


Wolfson College, University of Cambridge
Barton road

Bianca Gaudenzi
E-mail: bg265[at]


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