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    Labor Politics in the Oil Industry: New Historical Perspectives

    24/10/2014 | 0:00

    CONFERENCE organized by Touraj Atabaki│International Institute of Social History, Duccio Basosi│University of Venice Ca’ Foscari, Elisabetta Bini│University of Trieste, Giuliano Garavini│University of Padua, Francesco Petrini│University of Padua, Massimiliano Trentin│University of Bologna

    Barbara Gollin, Silvia Brunelli

    24 October 2014
    Dipartimento di scienze politiche, giuridiche e studi internazionali Aula Economia
    Via del Santo 28 Padova
    sponsored by
    University of Padua, FIRB Engines of Growth
    University of Padua, Department of Political Science, Law, and International Studies University of Venice Ca’ Foscari, FIRB Engines of Growth

    The importance of labor in the history of national and international oil politics has been largely overlooked by scholars. Yet, as recent events in Libya, Algeria and Nigeria show, oil workers play (and have played) a crucial role in blocking or rederecting the flow of oil, while labor policies have often been central in defining relations between international oil companies and oil producing states.
    This international conference aims at analyzing the role labor has had in transforming oil politics during the 20th century, particularly its second half. The decades that run from the 1950s to the 1990s are by now recognized as crucial in changing the relationship between oil producing and oil consuming countries. However, scholars have focused their attention mostly on diplomatic relations and high politics or on the economic strategies carried out by single oil firms. With few exceptions, the ways in which labor relations, workers and trade unions contributed to redefine oil politics has received but scant attention.

    10 am
    Geert Van Goethem (Amsab Institute of Social History/Ghent University), Unattainable Paradise: American Labor’s Global Activities and the Petroleum Workers during the Cold War Era
    Betsy A. Beasley (Yale University), Wildcat: Outsourcing, Expertise, and Oil in Postwar Houston
    Coffee break
    Zachary Cuyler (Georgetown University), Tapline and Lebanese workers, 1950‐1964
    Eva‐Maria Muschik (New York University), “A Pretty Kettle of Fish”: UN Assistance in the Redeployment of 20,000 Surplus Workers in the Iranian Oil Industry, 1958‐60
    Kevin A. Young (State University of New York at Stony Brook), Blood of the Earth: Oil Nationalism and the Working Class in Bolivia, 1952‐1969
    Discussant: Touraj Atabaki (International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam) 1 pm Lunch break
    2 pm
    Elisabetta Bini (University of Trieste), Securing a Global Oil Empire: The U.S. and the
    Challenge of Libyan Oil Workers, 1955‐1981
    Vincent Godfrey (Tuskegee University), The Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union and the Struggle for the Nationalization of the Petroleum Industry in Trinidad and Tobago, 1967‐1989
    Coffee break
    Peyman Jafari (University of Amsterdam), Telling It Like It Wasn’t: Oil Workers and the Power Struggle During the Iranian Revolution, 1978‐1982
    Daniel A. Omoweh (Western Delta University, Nigeria), The State, Oil Companies and Labour Politics in the Niger Delta, Nigeria: A Historical Perspective
    Discussant: Giuliano Garavini (University of Padua)
    Keynote speech
    Robert Vitalis (University of Pennsylvania)
    Participants Touraj Atabaki
    Duccio Basosi
    Betsy A. Beasley Elisabetta Bini Zachary Cuyler Giuliano Garavini Vincent Godfrey Peyman Jafari Eva‐Maria Muschik Marta Musso
    Daniel A. Omoweh Francesco Petrini Massimiliano Trentin Geert Van Goethem Robert Vitalis
    Kevin A. Young
    International Institute of Social History, The Netherlands
    University of Venice Ca’ Foscari, Italy Yale University, USA
    University of Trieste, Italy Georgetown University, USA University of Padua, Italy
    Tuskegee University, USA
    University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    New York University, USA
    University of Cambridge, UK
    Western Delta University, Nigeria
    University of Padua, Italy
    University of Bologna, Italy
    Amsab Institute of Social History, Belgium University of Pennsylvania, USA
    State University of New York at Stony Brook, USA




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