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06/06/2019 - 07/06/2019

Women and Post-War Transitions: Violence

ERC Advanced Grant project EIRENE is hosting the second workshop, titled “Women and Post-War Transitions: Violence”. We have comprised presentations covering the periods after both World Wars and the transitional years in the 1990s.
THURSDAY, 6 June 2019

8:30–9:00 Welcome reception
9:00–9:10 Roman Kuhar – Deanʾs speech
9: 10–9:40 Marta Verginella – Gendered Violence and Trauma in the Twentieth-Century Post-War Periods (welcome speech and introduction)

9:45–11:00 Bruna Bianchi – Violence against Women in Post-War Years. The Feminist Point of View (keynote speaker)

11:00–11:15 Break
11:15–12.45: Panel 1: The 1990s: Between Stigmatization and Empowerment
Chair: Gorazd Bajc

Anna Di Lellio – Puncturing the Public Secret of Wartime Sexual Violence as Power. The Case of Kosovo
Nena Močnik – Shaping of Motherhood in the Aftermath of War-Rapes

12:45–13:45 Break
13:45–15:45 Panel 2: From Particular to Massive Perspectives of Violence
Chair: Tullia Catalan

Gorazd Bajc – Violence against Women in Trieste in the First Period after the Second World War
William Mikkel Dack – Breaking the Silence: Denazification and Violence against German Women in the Post-War
Daniele Ceschin – Violence against Civilians in the Occupied Territories (1917–1918)

15:45–16:00 Break
16:00–17:30 Panel 3: Behind the Curtain of Insanity
Chair: Teresa Bertilotti

Dagmar Wernitznig – “The Madwoman in the Basement”: Post-Traumatic Stress of Female Citizens, Refugees, and Deportees in Carinthia after WWI and WWII
Jelena Seferović – Violence of the Former Soldiers of the First World War in the Familial Context: Examples from Psychiatric Institutions

FRIDAY, 7 June 2019
9:00–9:30 Snack
9:30–11:30 Panel 4: Outcomes of the Great War: Contextualizing Gender Based Hostilities
Chair: Dagmar Wernitznig

Meta Remec – Post-War Echoes of Interim Violence: Women between Rape-Caused Stigma and Domestic Violence after WWI
Matteo Perissinotto – Violence against Women in the Julian March (1918–1922)
Tina Bahovec – “The South Slavic Rape of the Occupied Carinthian Territory.” Violent Words and Violent Deeds in the Border Conflict in Carinthia after World War

11:30–11:45 Break
11:45–13:15 Panel 5: Presenting Early Stages of Fieldwork: Sharing Debatable Insights
Chair: Manca G. Renko

Urška Strle –Mobility in the Post-War Border Areas: Detecting Refugees in Gendered Perspective
Petra Testen Koren – Violence against Women in the Documents of the Archivio di Stato di Gorizia (1919–1921)
Francesca Rolandi – Violence and Transition in Fiume/Rijeka and Sušak after the First World War

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