PhD University of Rome “La Sapienza, 2003.” Associate Professor.  Vice-director of the Department of Humanities, Pompeu Fabra University. Coordinator of the UPF research group in history of modern science and culture. Corresponding member of the International Academy of the History of Science. Member of the international Board of the Society for the History of Humanities. Member of the editorial board of Medical History. My current research interests include science and technology during the Cold War and science, nation-making and empire building


Most relevant publications in the past 5 years

Capocci, M. – Cozzoli, D.”The Global Dimension of Rome Zoological Garden and Italian Colonialism” (with M. Capocci) in M. Duarte, T. Haddad, K. Raj (eds.)  Knowing empires: construction and circulation of knowledge in a global imperial age (1700-1914), London: Routledge, (accepted)

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Cozzoli, D.Comment to “Why did they die?” Biomedical narratives on epidemics and mortality among Amazonian indigenous populations in sociohistorical and anthropological contexts,” by Ricardo V. Santos, Carlos Everaldo Alvares Coimbra Jr, and Joanna Radin, Current Anthropology, 61(4): 457 – 8, 2020.

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