Sulla possibile chiusura della Central European University

Alla luce delle riflessioni emerse in questi giorni sulla chiusura dell’univeristà internazionale CEU in Ungheria, il direttivo della Sissco ha deciso di inviare alla CEU e al governo Ungherese, tramite l’ambasciata in Italia , il seguente comunicato:


The Italian society for the study of contemporary history (SISSCO) expresses deep concern that the new rules concerning higher education which are presently being discussed in Hungary may lead to the closing down of Central European University (CEU).


In the quarter-century since its foundation, CEU has established a leading position as an internationally renowned research center in – among other fields – the human and social sciences. Some of its departments have climbed to the top in international rankings and have attracted substantial research funds. CEU has hosted students from 117 countries, and scholars from more than 40. Central European University Press has become one of the most important centers of academic publishing in Central and Eastern Europe. Last but not least, and of special concern for a historical society such as SISSCO, CEU hosts the Open Society Archives, which are considered one of the world’s largest repositories of archival sources on the Cold War. CEU, in sum, has undoubtedly and greatly enriched the Hungarian and European academic and intellectual scene.


In order for it to be able to continue doing so also in the future, SISSCO trusts that the Hungarian authorities, possibly also involving the University in the decision-making process, will find a solution for preventing the planned higher education reforms from jeopardizing the continued existence of CEU.