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    The Quest of Empire in Modern and Contemporary Era: Order or Revolution?


     On behalf of the Department of Political and Social Studies (DISPS) of the University of Salerno, some information regarding the upcoming conference The quest of the Empire in the modern or contemporary era: order or revolution?
    The event, hosted by the DISPS, will take place on the15th of March 2021 at 14:00 (GMT+1, or Rome time). The conference will include interventions from several scholars (both local and international) who have focused their research on the topics of empire, imperial encounters, modernity and race in the fields of Political Science, History, International Relations, Sociology and the permeable boundaries between these disciplines. 
    The scientific committee is formed by Professors Chiara d’Auria, Virginia Zambrano and Giuseppe Foscari, all three from the DISPS.
    In addition, Professor Chiara d’Auria will also be the President and moderator of the conference. The event will be held completely in English and virtually through the Teams platform, at the following link:




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    Università di Salerno – Dipartimento di Studi Politici e Sociali
    Via Giovanni Paolo II
    Fisciano (SA), 84084 Italia


    Chiara d’Auria